The Hatch

The Hatch is designed as a coworking space for area college students, who are prospective, creative, and innovative entrepreneurs ready to develop their business ideas. Hatch members share a common workspace on the third floor of 325 E. Grand River Avenue, each working on their own project, but collaborating to increase the probability of each venture’s success.

The program takes advantage of the resources and services provided by Spartan Innovations, including access to capital investment, conference rooms, office equipment, and business development support, free wi-fi, coffee and provides a the freedom and creativity to work at their own convenience. This setting enables a social work environment, an exciting alternative to the tenants’ basement, library, café shop, or kitchen. The Hatch is an attractive place for connecting, collaborating, and spontaneous creation of marketable business ideas, facilitating a community of like-minded student entrepreneurs.

Resources Available: